Our plugs are “charter-grade”- built to be fished right out of the package like our pro-staff would. We know because we asked them! Hogy Charter Grade Plugs are simple and fishy. Designed to catch fish not fisherman. This principle is reflected in our curated selection of colors and designs, which, though few, are versatile enough to thrive in a wide range of scenarios.


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In The Field

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Topwater Poppers For Cape Cod Bay Stripers Feeding On Squid

In this video, Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Cullen Lundholm fish overcast calm conditions for larger striper feeding on squid. Using the Hogy Charter Grade Popper in Amber, they are able to imitate large squid for some impressive topwater popping action!

Casting SMALL Surface Plugs for Striped Bass | NEW Hogy Surface Eraser

In this video, Capt. Mike joins Capt. Mike Zammito of Godspeed Charters for a day of fishing the rips off of Monomoy for Striped Bass. The name of the game was downsizing our topwater offerings to match the small forage the Striped Bass were feeding on. The NEW @HogyLures Surface Eraser allowed for various retrieves and long distance casting, which was perfect for targeting these finicky Striped Bass!

Topwater Albie Fishing | New England Fall Run

In this video, we join Capt. Ray Jarvis of Salt of the Earth Sportfishing for a day of chasing False Albacore in upper Buzzards Bay. With the New England fall run in full swing, the crew encountered large schools of False Albacore feeding heavily throughout the morning. The key to success was the Hogy Surface Eraser fished on a fast "skippy" retrieve. The single hook on the Hogy Surface Eraser made for a quick and healthy release!

Plug Casting Structure For Snook

Capt. Ross Gallagher hits the Caloosahatchee River at sunrise casting for snook around heavy structure using the Hogy Charter Grade Slider. In this video we show techniques for casting large plugs around heavy structure and current.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing | Jig & Pop | Hogy Harness Jigs & Sliders

Capt. Mike shows us two techniques for targeting bluefin tuna off of Cape Cod on spinning gear. The Hogy Harness Jigs are carefully balanced to ensure a natural presentation whether they are straight retrieved or fished with a cast and drop retrieve. The Hogy Sliders are perfect to cast on heavy spinning setups and come tuna rigged right out of the package.

SoCal Bluefin Tuna | Hogy Charter Grade Poppers

Epic Blitzes, topwater blowups, and screaming drag. What's not to like? In this video we head over to the west coast to join Hogy pro staffer, Capt. Morgan Promnitz, as he targets schoolie bluefin tuna using both clear and translucent pink Hogy Charter Grade Poppers.