Slowtail Swimbait Series

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"The Hogy slow tail is our version of a twin tail. The Hogy Slow Tail solves a couple of problems for our\ncustomers. For starters, they have a a ton of action when fished at the slowest of speeds. This is important because there are situations such as casting to summer tarpon where the lure needs to be very slow to get bit, but also have lots of action. Secondly, a lightly weighted pre-rigged softbait is often too light to kick a paddle tail, so this “lightly weighted version” also an angler to fish in very skinny water in flats and estuaries without snagging bottom. Fish very slowly, rod tip at 45-degree angle. "}]},{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Unique Feature: ","bold":true},{"type":"text","value":"This lure’s thin, outward facing twin tails will vibrate and offer exaggerated action at the slowest of slow speeds. The tails are so long and so thin that this lure can be substituted for an “eel\ntail” design. The Hogy Slow Tail is rigged with VMC’s Barbarian swimbait jig hook which is the strongest saltwater jig hook in the business. "}]}]}


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Small Swimbaits for Big Canal Tarpon

Matching the hatch for big tarpon feeding on small baits using the 3.5" Slowtail Swimbait. Designed for slow retrieves near the surface or fishing the drop while jigging.

Spring Stripers | Hogy Slow Tails | Cast + Drop

The striped bass migration has hit Cape Cod waters! Capt. Mike Hogan heads out on Buzzards Bay aboard his 28' Contender in search of schoolie striped bass. Capt. Mike demonstrates how to catch finicky striped bass on light tackle using the Hogy Slowtails with a cast and drop retrieve!

How To: Swinging Swimbaits In The Current For Spillway Snook

Capt. Jay Clark shares his favorite techniques for targeting snook in heavy current from spillway outflows. Using the mid-water and low-level swimbait sweeping technique to target snook using swimbaits.

Sight Casting Tripletail with Slowtail Swimbaits

Capt. Ross Gallagher walks through his ideal setup for casting to triple tail down in Southern Florida. The Hogy Slowtail Swimbait is a perfect presentation for targeting these structure-dwelling tripletail. The life-like action of the twin tails allows for maximum action throughout the entirety of the water column.

How To: Slowtails For Finicky Surface Sipping Stripers

We crack the code on super finicky stripers sipping tiny hake and sand eels on the surface utilizing a slow-twitch retrieve with the new Hogy Slowtail Swimbait. Fishing out of Barnegat Inlet along coastal New Jersey with Capt. Rob Radlof of Waterman Charters, we push through some sloppy seas to find pretty epic surface feeds of southbound Striped Bass.

Dead Drifting Slowtails For Stripers

Capt. Mike Hogan joins Capt. Dave Peros targeting stripers staging in fast current along boulder fields. Fish are holding in slicks and back eddies, the perfect time to deploy a "dead drift" retrieve for maneuvering Slowtail Swimbaits through the feeding zones, and finding some quality stripers.

Landbased Tarpon Fishing The Minnow Run With Hogy Lures

Capt. Ross Gallagher heads over to Jensen Beach, Florida to target land-based tarpon during the minnow run migration with Hogy fan Dane Yelencsics. We cover a variety of tips for successfully hooking and landing tarpon on a variety of Hogy Pro Tail Paddle Swim Baits.

Everglades Winter Tarpon Fishing With Hogy Lures

We head deep into the Florida Everglades in search of early season Tarpon action along the shallow bays of Everglades National Park. Tarpon are staging in very shallow water, making excellent conditions for sight and blind casting to rolling fish. Pro Tail Paddles and the Charter Grade Sliders are the perfect presentations for swimming just subsurface along the shallow, tannic bays.

Light Tackle Tarpon Bridge Fishing

The Hogy Crew heads out of SWFL in search of light tackle tarpon action along coastal river systems. We focus on a late May night time outgoing tide, swimming Hogy Slowtail Swimbaits near the surface along bridge light lines.

How To: Sight Casting Cobia On The Surface

Capt. Ross Gallagher shows us how to sight cast to cobia schools over structure offshore using the Slowtail Swimbait. Having a rod rigged and ready with an appropriate lure is key for quickly pitching to cobia when they surface.

Winter Sea Trout | Slowtail Swimbaits

In this video, we join Capt. Ross Gallagher is down in Southern Florida for a trip targeting winter Sea Trout on Hogy Slowtail Swimbaits. The name of the game was locating grass flats and implementing a "Twitch Jigging" style retrieve to entice these Sea Trout to bite!