How-To Videos

Albies & Bonito


Capt. Mike Hogan joins Capt. Shaun Ruge to cover step by step instructions for targeting Albies on small metal and EPOXY JIG™ Lures.

Montauk Albies on EPOXY JIG™ Lures

Capt. Mike Hogan makes the trip out to Montauk to partake in excellent fall run false albacore fishing using EPOXY JIG™ Lures.

Bonito Casting & Trolling

Captains Mike Hogan, Shaun Ruge, and Terry Nugent dial in on the hot albie bite off Cape Cod, MA using the deadly EPOXY JIG™ lure.

Surf Fishing Albies

MV locals Joe Rogers and Phoenix Russell hit the beaches of Martha's Vineyard to target false albacore from shore.

Soft Bait Albies

In this classic Hogy video, Capt. Mike shares his favorite soft bait retrieves for albie fishing off of Cape Cod, MA.

Topwater Bonito

We join Buzzards Bay Outfitters in search of bonito on a pre-work trip in mid-August, finding topwater feeds and big bluefish along the way.

NY Surf Albies

John Skinner fishing from the beach for false albacore with Hogy Heavy Minnow lures as the albies feed on bay anchovies.

Late Fall Albies

On a beautiful mid-September day, we join Capt. Jamie Simmons of Buzzards Bay Outfitters for one of the season's best days of albie fishing.

Peanut Bunker Jigs for NY Surf Albies

Author John Skinner shares his techniques for surf fishing for false albacore on a rocky shoreline using a Hogy Peanut Bunker Jig.

Casting To Striper On Bunker

Capt. Mike Shares 4 Tips for target finicky Albies focusing on peanut bunker schools on the surface using a variety of techniques.

Open Water Scattered Albies

Capt. Ross Gallagher shares tips for targeting scattered albies in open water using the Hogy 5-inch Charter Grade Slider and a quick search pattern presentation.

Topwater Albies on Poppers

Hogy’s 4inch Charter Grade Popper offers an ideal weight to length ratio, perfect for long-range casting with an imitative baitfish profile.

Albie Mastery Series

Join Capt. Mike Hogan in this short course where he shares some of his experiences, tips and tricks for simplifying fishing for bonitos and albies.

Shore Fishing for Albies

Commonly targeted near coastal jetties, inlets and open stretches of beaches. The most productive shore fishing techniques utilize surface retrieves with Epoxy Jigs™.

Striped Bass

Tube and Worm for Stripers

Captain Mike Hogan gives some tips on fishing the Hogy Perfect Tube for striped bass during an early morning tide in Woods Hole on Cape Cod, MA

Sand Eel Stripers

Capt. Mike fishes with top guide Sean Ruge of Riptide Charters where they vertical jig and top water cast for big striped bass off Provincetown, MA.

Surf Stripers

Shell E. Carris from Shore Catch in New Jersey shares his favorite ways to rig Hogy Soft Sand Eels and Diamond Jigs for catching fall surf stripers feeding on sand eels.

Skirted Jigs for Stripers

Capt. Mike and Capt. Nat Chalkley have a successful morning trolling skirted jigs - a perfect target for stripers - just off the rocky bottom of Woods Hole, MA.

Boston Harbor Kayak Bass

Join Eric "Slappy" Harrison for a trip to his secret big bass haunts in Boston Harbor. Using the Hogy Jigging Series Soft Baits and Barbarian Jig Heads, he lands fish up to 47".

Fall Chez Bay Stripers

Capt. Tyler Nonn of Tidewater Charters follows schooling lower Chesapeake Bay stripers using the 7-inch HDUV Jigging Tail - the perfect bait for lower twenty pound class fish.

Chez Bay Topwater Bass

Capt. Tyler Nonn spends a morning chasing schools of big striped bass in lower Chesapeake Bay using topwater rigged Hogy 10" DW Longcast softbaits.

Squid Hungry Stripers

Working areas near rips, Captain Mike Hogan explains tips and techniques for taking advantage of the explosive early season squid fishery in the Northeast.

Winter Chez Bay Stripers

Capt. Tyler Nonn of Tidewater Charters shares his bunker imitation techniques for late fall – early winter stripers in the lower Chesapeake Bay.

How To Rig a Hogy Sand Eel

Follow these quick steps for rigging the Hogy sand eel soft bait sand eel on swimbait hooks. Perfect for topwater or sightly subsurface presentations.

Chez Bay Striper Shallows

Capt. Tyler Nonn spends a morning chasing large schools of big striped bass in the shallows of the lower Chesapeake Bay using topwater rigged Hogy Lures.

Kayak Striper Trolling

Eric "Slappy" Harrison shares his excellent techniques for night time shallow water trolling for trophy striped bass in the waters around Boston Harbor.

Cape Cod Pro Tail Stripers

Capt. Mike Hogan fishes with Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters catching fish to 45" on topwater in front of Barnstable Harbor and on the jig near Provincetown.

EPOXY JIG™ Striper Techniques

Capt. Mike Hogan fishes with Capt. Terry Nugent while targeting stripers feeding on schools of oceanic herring in Cape Cod Bay using the Hogy EPOXY JIG™.

Sand Eel Jig Surf Stripers

MV local Joe Rogers describes his most effective techniques for catching hungry striped bass at the south side inlets of Martha's Vineyard.

Striper Fishing in the Fog

Capt. Mike and Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters show us how to locate and catch blitzing bass on SE Barbarian Eels in the fog using Raymarine electronics.

Fishing Rips with EPOXY JIG™ Lures

Captain Mike Hogan and Capt. Shaun Ruge shows us how to properly locate stripers feeding along Monomoy Rips using EPOXY JIG™ Lures.

Leadcore Jigging in the Rips

Capt. Mike Hogan shares his longtime favorite lead core technique - jigging lightly weighted Hogy Originals on Lead Core for Stripers in rips.

Salt Pond Stripers

MV local Joe Rogers heads to the salt ponds of Martha's Vineyard to hunt for offseason striped bass on a mild January afternoon, landing a 32" keeper to finish off the day.

Jigging Rips with Swimbaits

Capt. Mike heads to the Middle Ground Rips with Shaun Ruge of Riptide Charters for a fish packed morning vertically jigging using heavy Pro Tail Paddles.

Vertical Jigging Striper Sand Eel Jigs

Capt. Mike shares a few tips for when you are marking bass and big plumes of sand eels, but can not get them to notice your jigs.

Deepwater Jigging for Stripers

Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Cullen Lundhold of Cape Star Charters heads out to deep water in Cape Cod Bay targeting finicky Stripers feeding on sand eels suspended in 70' - 90' depths.

Swinging the Rips for Stripers

Capt. Mike and Capt. Dave Peros share their tips and techinques for boat and casting placement for best results when the tide is ripping.

Working Soft Baits for Big Stripers

Capt. Cullen of Cape Star Charters takes us out on Cape Cod Bay targeting jumbo stripers surface feeding on large squid and suspended mackerel

Jigging Rips For Striper

Capt. Mike enjoys greasy calm conditions and an excellent topwater and jigging bite, as well as gives a few tips for how to entice a bite when the fish are leader-shy.

Squid Plug Stripers

The Hogy Charter Grade Squid Pug is new to the Hogy 2019 collection. In this video, Capt. Mike shows us the best way to fish the squid plug in the rips on the south side of Cape Cod.

How-To: Rigging The Sand Eel Dancing Diamond Jig.

With the flexible and soft sand eel imitation soft baits, you're almost guaranteed to land finicky stripers that are keyed in on sand eels.

Poppers For Stripers On Squid

Topwater popping for large stripers in Cape Cod Bay using the Charter Grade Poppers. Exciting topwater action in greasy calm conditions.

How To Fish A Rip With Topwaters

Capt. Mike Hogan & Capt. Cullen Lundholm shows us how to properly approach and position a boat for topwater presentations in rips for striped bass.

Casting To Striper On Bunker

Capt. Mike Shares 4 Tips for target finicky striper focusing on large bunker schools on the surface using a variety of techniques.

Open Water Striper On Micro-Forage

Utilizing a variety of techniques for topwater, sub-surface and fish suspended deep, we share several tips on cracking to code on picky stripers working micro-bait.

Surface Sipping Stripers on Slowtails

We crack the code on super finicky stripers sipping tiny hake and sand eels on the surface utilizing a slow-twitch retrieve with the new Hogy Slowtail Swimbait.

Snap Jigging Sand Eel Jigs For Stripers

We target striper feeding on suspended sand eels using a technique called snap jigging. Using short twitches, we work specific depths with sand eel jigs.

Simple Shore Fishing Stripers

Working shoreline pinch points that funnel baitfish, Capt Mike Hogan picks up a few schoolie stripers on the Hogy Charter Grade Slider.

Worm Hatch Stripers

Capt. Jamie Simmons of Buzzards Bay Outfitters and the Hogy Crew head out to take advantage of the spring worm hatch using the Hogy 4-inch Worm Hatch Soft Baits.

Cast and Drop for Finicky Stripers

Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters shares tips on using the "Cast and Drop" retrieve which uses short, sharp rod tip twitches to move the swimbait tight to the bottom.

Micro-Bait Surface Stripers

Capt. Mike addresses a common frustrating scenario where finicky stripers are feeding on micro forage like tiny squid, sand eels, krill, and worms.

Topwater Squid Plug Stripers

Capt. Dave Peros guides Capt. Mike Hogan for an exciting sunrise trip at Middleground. We capture explosive topwater action, using the new Hogy Charter Grade Squid Plug..

Dead Drift Slowtails for Stripers

Capt. Mike Hogan joins Capt. Dave Peros targeting stripers staging in fast current along boulder fields.

Topwater Stripers on Dog Walkers

Capt. Jamie Simmons demonstrates how to catch shallow water bass on walk-the-dog style plugs.

Walk & Gun Casting: Surface Stripers on Sliders

Capt. Mike Hogan shares his favorite technique for covering lots of water quickly using the Walk & Gun method.

Block Island Striper Jigging

The Salty Cape crew heads to Block Island to target monster mid-August nighttime stripers with the "slappy technique".

Striper Blind Casting

Learn how to blind cast for stripers before or just after large feeds appear, or during low light and slack tide conditions.

Striper Surface Blitz

Striper blitzes typically occur during the peak portions of the tides, when there are large amounts of baitfish concentrated in the area.

Stripers in Boulder Fields

Boulder fields provide stripers with an entire foodchain, providing an excellent opportunity for anglers. Here are a few tips.

Striper Casting Rips

Stripers who like to make eating as easy as possible, will lie right on or behind rip lines in ambush, picking off unsuspecting prey.

Shoreline Rips

Shoreline rips that occur around structure or points are often great spots to find big fish on light tackle close to the beach.


Jetties are serious producers, although they can be fished around the clock, they often produce best at night.

Open Beach

There is often more than meets the eye at an open beach. Structure-wise, you have gradual drop-offs, fast drop-offs, sand bars, deep troughs, and rocks and boulders.

Back Bays

Back Bays are great for alot of reasons. The first step is identifying the tide direction. You want to fish on the side the tide is moving toward.


Canals are great when you know fish are likely to be in the area. With such high volumes of water running by your feet each minute, there is endless potential for bait and fish to blow-by.

Early Season Top Water Stripers

Capt. Rob Lowell of Cape Cod Offshore Charters shares a great early season topwater schoolie bite with Capt. Mike Hogan near the West End of the Canal.

Early Season Schoolies on Swimbaits

Early May schoolie striper fishing in Buzzards Bay and the West End of the Cape Cod Canal is a bite Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Dave Peros look forward all winter long.

Fast Jigging Stripers

Fast jigging is associated mostly with metals The bites tend to be more aggressive but you need to also pay careful attention to bites on the drop.

Slow Jigging Stripers

The best jigging technique for fishing with soft baits, often underutilized. It’s a great technique for fish you see on the fish finder that “won’t bite anything”.

Twitch Jigging Stripers

Twitch jigging is a variation of the Slow Jig with the only difference being a series of sharp fast twitches in the rod.

Striper Search & Drop Jigging

With the recent developments of fish-finding technology, this technique is becoming more and more popular.

Structure Jigging Stripers

While in bigger, deeper waters, a striper might behave like a trout waiting for a fly when it stages behind drop-offs, boulders, wrecks or whatever large structure might be present.

Fishing Top Water Around Structure

Stripers use the structure as it supports a whole food chain, providing the opportunity to ambush unsuspecting baitfish swept by the current.

Surface Plugs for Stripers in Rips

Surface plgus can be fished using a variety of retrieves to create swimming action very similar to a pencil popper or walk the dog style topwater plug.

Tube and Worm Striper Trolling with In-Line Weights

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to use the Hogy In-Line Trolling Weight for Tube and Worm striped bass trolling in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Dave Peros.


Slow Jigging For Tuna

Capt. Mike Hogan shares his favorite technique for slow jigging bluefin tuna feeding on sand eels using the Hogy Harness Jig and UV Speed Tails.

Trolling for Tuna south of Cape Cod

Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Nat Chalkley chase school bluefin tuna in mid June just south of The Claw, around 15 miles south of Marthas Vineyard.

Trolling for Tuna with Flexi-Bars

Learn how Capt. Mike Hogan likes to deploy and troll his Hogy Squid Bulb Flexi-Bars in the productive bluefin tuna grounds south of Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Trolling for Bluefin with Bluemax

The Blue Max, a creation by Hogy Lures, incorporates legendary Capt. Joe Shute’s trolling head specifically rigged for both soft plastics and ballyhoo.

South of the Vineyard Trolling

Capt. Mike Hogan shares step by step instructions for offshore blue water tuna trolling with Hogy Flexi-Bar spreader bars south of Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Light Tackle Tuna Trolling

Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Cullen Lundholm deploy a light tackle spread of Harness Jigs on spinning tackle for Bluefin tuna.

7-Rod Canyon Tuna Spread

Capt. Terry Nugent outlines his favorite 7 rod spread and lure placement for fishing the North East Canyons. This spread offers a huge bait ball, raising fish from a distance!

South of Martha's Vineyard Tuna

Capt. Terry Nugent outlines his favorite spread for targeting Bluefin Tuna keyed in on large sand eels and half beaks.

Swimbait Bluefin Casting

Capt. Mike Hogan takes the Hogy Pro Tail Paddle 40 miles south of Cape Cod to cast at topwater bluefin tuna.

Troll Scan Tuna

Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Cullen Lundholm deploy a light tackle spread of Harness Jigs on spinning tackle for Bluefin tuna.

Butterfish Swimbait Tuna Casting

Capt. Mike Hogan shows how to fool finicky bluefin tuna keyed in on small butterfish using the 4oz and 5oz Protail Paddles with oversized eyes and blue UV light refraction.

Topwater EPOXY JIG™ Yellowfin

The Hogy team heads to Venice Louisiana to fish with Journey South Outfitters, heading offshore in search of Yellowfin and Blackfin tuna on casting jigs.

Small Boat No Outrigger Spread

Capt. Mike explains his favorite spread for smaller boats without outriggers using the Pocket Splasher Bird Bars -- great for creating surface commotion.

Casting to Scattered Tuna

Capt. Mike Hogan and the Salty Cape crew head south of the Vineyard in search of offshore life, finding yellowfin on top for their first tuna of the season.

Stickbait Tuna

Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters targets bluefin tuna on spinning gear using the Hogy Slider, hooking up with a 200+ pound fish in early September 2018.

Stickbait Tuna

Capt. Cullen Lundholm & Capt. Mike Hogan show us how to get below the birds and target large surface feeding tuna using the 6oz Charter Grade Slider.

New Jersey Ghost Bluefins

Capt. Rob Radlof shows us how to crack the code using Hogy Epoxy Jigs® on ultra-finicky NJ Ghost Bluefin feeding on micro-forage.

How To: Slow Jigging Harness Jigs for Tuna

Capt. Mike shows us how to use Harness Jigs to jig up big bluefin tuna east of Cape Cod.


Inlet Tarpon

Capt. Travis Holeman shares his secret techniques for deepwater beach tarpon using Hogy HDUV Eel Tails and Barbarian Jig Heads while fishing in the Lower Keys.

Jigging for Tarpon

Carter Andrews and Ross Gallagher go night fishing for tarpon in Southwest Florida near Sanibel Island, Captiva and the infamous Boca Grande Pass.

Flats Tarpon

We can't resist these late spring tarpon. Here's some great video from this year's June trip. Big tarpon hop all over these soft baits, it's unreal.

Lagoon Tarpon

Targeting juvenile tarpon can be rewarding and tricky. Captain Ross Gallagher shares his favorite techniques for catching those finicky baby tarpon.

Tarpon Swimbaits

We join Capt. Travis Holeman in Key West and learn his favorite methods for presenting oversized swim baits to schooling tarpon in deepwater.

Florida Keys Flats Tarpon

Captain Mike Hogan and Capt. Aaron Snell head along the pristine flats along Key West in search of shallow water tarpon running channel edges.

Charleston Tarpon

Capt. Tucker Blythe shows us how to catch big South Carolina Tarpon on the flats during the mullet run using large soft baits like the Hogy 14″ Original Series.

Deepwater Beach Tarpon

We join Captain Travis Holeman for some exciting tarpon action burning heavy jigs across migrating schools of spawning tarpon in deep water.

Miami Tarpon

Hogy staff join infamous Miami tarpon guide Capt. Russell Kleppinger targeting winter hold over tarpon using the SE Barbarian Jigs + HDUV Eel Tails.

Pro Tails for Key West Tarpon

We head back down to Key West to fish with Capt. Aaron Snell, targeting flats tarpon with the new Pro Tail Series.

Land Based Tarpon Fishing

Capt. James Clark hooks into a nice land based tarpon on a Hogy Pro Tail Swim Bait in Southwest Florida.

Shrimp Run Winter Tarpon

It's late winter and we head to downtown Miami to target night time tarpon along bridges during the winter shrimp run.

Micro Bait Tarpon

The baitfish fry hatch is in full swing as we venture into the Caloosahatchee River for Mid-Summer tarpon fishing.

Mullett Run Tarpon

We head out with Capt. Chris Britton from Grey Ghost Charters in search of fall tarpon action in the mullet schools.

Minnow Run Tarpon

We head out with Chris Britton of Grey Ghost Charters as Red Minnow schools have piled up along the beach, with numerous tarpon close behind.

Everglades Tarpon Fishing

We head deep into the Florida Everglades in search of early season Tarpon action along the shallow bays of Everglades National Park.

Tarpon Fishing Shallow Flats & Bays

Capt. Ross Gallagher gives tips and tricks for targeting tarpon in super shallow, clear waters of south Florida.

Tarpon Fishing Inland Channels

Capt. Ross Gallagher explains how these backwater highways provide some of the most consistent fishing opportunities during the tarpon migration.

Tarpon Fishing Bridges

Capt. Ross explains how bridges are one of the easiest areas to find and target tarpon, but also offer a complex set of challenges for consistent success.

Fishing The Gulf Coast Migration

Capt. Ross explains how to fish the tarpon migration in the gulf during the early arrival of schools from the Florida Keys and Everglades in early to mid-April.

Tarpon Fishing The Minnow Run

Capt. Ross explains proper techniques for fishing the minnow run, one of several baitfish fry hatches that occur along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

Tarpon Fishing The Mullet Run

Capt. Ross gives tips for fishing the mullet run once it begins in early fall after the summer heat begins to break.

Fishing Inlets & Passes

Inlets and passes offer the perfect combination of forage, current and structure between the ocean and inland waterways, making them great for targeting tarpon.

Tarpon Fishing Canals & Basins

Juvenile tarpon use these protected canals and basins for several years before moving offshore to join the main tarpon migration. Here's how to fish them.

Tarpon Trolling Techniques

Trolling for tarpon is relatively uncommon outside of the northern Gulf of Mexico, but can be very effective at locating scattered fish in open water.

Tarpon Fishing The Palolo Worm Hatch

Many have heard of the biblical tarpon fishing that occurs on a Palolo worm hatch in the Lower Florida Keys. Capt. Ross gives his insight into how to fish it.

Landbased Tarpon Fishing The Minnow Run

Capt. Ross heads over to Jensen Beach to target land-based tarpon on Pro Tail Paddles during the minnow run migration.

Light Tackle Bridge Tarpon Fishing

The Hogy Crew heads out of Southwest Florida in search of light tackle tarpon action along coastal river systems.

Inlets & Deep Water Tarpon

We head out with Capt Chris Britton to learn how to catch tarpon along coastal inlets in fast current

Shallow Water Tarpon Swimbaits

Simple techniques to effectively target spooky tarpon laid up in shallow water using the Hogy Slowtail Swimbait Series.


Squinnow Sea Bass & Porgy

Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Shaun Ruge enjoy quick Sea Bass and Scup action on Cape Cod jigging the SI Squinnow Jig on shallow water boulders.

Stellwagen Cod Jigging

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to drop shot Original Series Soft Baits for Codfish on Stellwagen Bank.

Squinnow Snapper Jigging

Capt. Ross Gallagher shows us how to jig for snapper on shallow water artificial reefs in Southwest Florida.

Heavy Minnow Jigging for Sea Bass

Capt. Mike Hogan enjoys quick action on Cape Cod jigging the SI Heavy Minnow Jigs for deepwater Sea Bass and Blues.

Drop Shot Snapper Fishing

We join Capt. Moe and Capt. Eric of Journey South Outfitters in Venice, Louisiana for a few days of offshore grouper and snapper fishing.

Double Drop Shot Codfish

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to fish the double drop shot HDUV Soft Baits for Codfish off Cape Cod, MA.

Diamond Jigs for Summertime Cod

Capt. Mike Hogan and John Burns head to the Regal Sword in early August in search of a summertime cod bite after taking a quick look for bluefin tuna.

Patch Reef Mutton Snapper

Capt. Ross Gallagher shares his technqiues for shallow water jigging Mutton Snapper out of Marathon, FL.

Pitching Pots for Triple Tail

It's tripletail season and we head off the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva Island in search of these prehistoric pelagics on floating structure.

Fishing Artificial Public Reefs

In this short how-to video, we cover basics for using small metal jigging lures for a variety of species on public artificial reefs.

Dry Tortuga Party Boat Wreck Fishing

In this clip, we use a slow jigging technique to target African Pompano suspended mid-water column over deepwater wrecks.

How To Catch Tautog in Buzzards Bay

Capt. Mike shows us how to catch tautog in Buzzards Bay using the Hogy Utility Rig and cut green crabs.

Rock Pile Sea Bass Jigging

Targeting seabass on shallow rock piles using the Herring Jig on light tackle jigging outfits. Learn how to choose the right size and weight in varying conditions and current.

How-To: Mackerel Fishing Cape Cod Bay

Easy instructions on how to target Mackerel using the Hogy Diesel Mack Sabiki Rig. Best way to catch your own fresh live bait for striper & tuna fishing on Cape Cod.

Plan B: No Tuna Cod Fishing

Capt. Mike and the Salty Crew head out to Coxes Ledge, a well-known cod fishing spot, south of Martha's Vineyard. When tuna fishing fails, cod fishing is a good back up as these fish are easy and fun to catch!

Winter Cod Fishing

Capt. Mike shares his favorite tips, techniques and head boats for targeting winter cod in Northeast Waters.

Haddock Jigging on Cape Cod

We head to Stellwagen Bank in search of shoals of haddock in pursuit of sand eels with Hogy Pro Capt. Robert Lowell of Cape Cod Offshore Charters.

Simple Sea Bass Fishing

Capt. Mike Hogans shows us three styles of simple jig retrieves using for Cape Cod Sea Bass.

Cod & Haddock Slow Pitch Jigging

Capt. Mike showcases techniques for slow-pitch style jigging Cod and Haddock off Stellwagen Bank.

Offshore Cod Jigging

In this video, Capt. Mike Hogan shows off Hogy's new Jig-Biki Rig paired with our Heavy Flutter Pitch Jig for slow-twitch style jigging groundfish to fill the cooler.

Sea Bass Fishing with Jig-Biki Rigs

Capt. Mike Hogan & Capt. Rob Lowell of Cape Cod Offshore Charters spends the morning targeting Buzzards Bay Seabass in bumpy conditions.

Essential Collections


How To Rig the Hogy Original Series

We've got a special place for the Original Series Soft Bait Eel. It's our favorite topwater style soft plastic for targeting striped bass, false albacore, tarpon, snook, redfish, and tuna.

DIY Bucktail Jig Teasers

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to quickly upgrade your favorite jigs on VMC Bucktail Teaser Hooks.

DIY Circle Hook Rigged Soft Plastics

Simple and easy to rig, this method is a favorite for anglers targeting trophy tarpon, striper, tuna and more!

DIY Flounder Drop Shot Rig

Capt. Ross Gallagher shows us how to quickly rig the Hogy Flounder series on a dropshot rig for targeting stripers, grouper, snapper and more.

DIY Original Drop Shot Rig

Capt. Ross Gallagher shows us how to quickly rig the Hogy Original series on a dropshot rig for targeting stripers, grouper, snapper and more.

DIY Sand Eel Teasers

Shell E. Carris from Shore Catch shares his favorite ways to rig Hogy Soft Sand Eels and SI Tackle Jigs for catching fall Surf Stripers feeding on Sand Eels.

DIY Squidbert Eel

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to quickly create our own Squidbert Eel.

DIY Swordfish Deep Drop Eel

Captain Corey Burlew shows us how to rig the Hogy 18inch Original Series Softbait for Deep Dropping Swordfish.

DIY Ballyhoo Rig

Captain Mike Hogan shows us how to easily pin rig ballyhoo on the Hogy Bluemax Trolling Heads.

DIY Tuna-Rigged EPOXY JIG™ Lures

Captain Mike Hogan shows us how to easily rig tuna-grade EPOXY JIG™ Lures.

DIY Soft Bait Dredge Bar

Hogy Softbaits make deadly dredge baits. Their longitudinal flex is more typical of a swimming baitfish.

DIY Bench Crimp Connections

This bench crimper is suitable for use with 80lb test line up to 300lb test and can be used with both aluminum and copper sleeves.

DIY Spreader Bar Kits

Building a Spreader Bar is pretty easy once you have all the parts and steps. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to build a bar in about 20 minutes.

DIY Jig Head Rigged Sand Dab Soft Bait

Our largest Flatfish imitator, the 6" Sand Dab is a favorite for anglers targeting trophy gamefish feeding on larger Sand Dabs & Flounder.

DIY Jig Head Rigged Flounder Soft Bait

Our classic Flounder Soft Bait has been a long time favorite for anglers looking to imitate smaller flatfish.

Favorite Tarpon Tackle & Rigging

Capt. Ross Gallagher shares his time tested favorite tackle & knots for targeting large tarpon.

How-To Upgrade Your Jigs

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to quickly upgrade your favorite Epoxy and Metal Jigs.

How-To Choose Protail Paddle Size

How to choose the right size Hogy Pro Tail Paddle Swim Bait in a variety of conditions.

How-To Fish The Tuna Epoxy Jig

Capt. Mike shows us how to present the 4oz Tuna Rigged Epoxy Jig for big Bluefin Tuna covering topwater, midwater and deep water techniques.

How-To Fish Tuna Rigged Sand Eel Jigs

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to utilize the Heavy Offshore Sand Eel Jig for targeting suspended or bottom grubbing tuna.